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Coaching with a money back guarantee - seriously?

OK, I admit when I first started offering a guarantee many years ago, I was a bit nervous about doing it. 
However, I have always had results with my clients and I thought - what better way to help me keep at the top of my game and also make it easy for clients to decide to begin coaching?

So I started offering a written money back guarantee as part of the coaching agreement that I sign with each of my clients.

Here's what it says:

Money Back Guarantee: If at the end of any session, you feel you did not get value for money, tell me before you leave or our phone conversation is complete, and I will give you a free session within two weeks. If you are not then satisfied, please inform me in writing and I will refund the money paid for this session and any money paid for unused sessions.
If at the end of twelve months of regular coaching, (i.e. 24 coaching sessions) you are not experiencing more abundance, freedom fulfillment, clarity, love, joy,  energy, self awareness, satisfaction, motivation, certainty, and confidence in your life than when we started coaching, then I will refund all coaching fees paid.

You can see why I was a bit nervous about offering it when I wrote it over ten years ago. The good news is this: no one has ever asked for their money back simply because, as you can see from the testimonies, my clients get amazing results... even those that don't believe they can! (Just last week, a client increased her hourly pay rate by well over 70% AND got herself a job she is very excited about as it is absolutely what she would love to do as well as being deeply purposeful for her). 

I'm not mucking around here, these are real people - just like you - with real results - and watching their lives transform is why I love this work!

(Even those that are super skeptical - like the person below!)

I was very unimpressed the first time I met Lee.


I was attending a free personal development seminar in August 2004.  It was towards the end of the seminar when an ordinary-looking guy with a goofy smile came up and started talking to me.  Now, I had this mental picture of life coaches as these larger than life TV informercial salesmen who could motivate you to jump off a bridge.  So I was shocked when I found out that this nerdy-looking bloke was one of the coaches running the seminar.  Lee was his name and he asked me to give him the chance to coach me.  Thinking I would regret the decision, I signed up Lee to coach me for 6 months.


At the time I was working at a job that was completely BRAIN DEAD, at least for me.  I had no experience with life coaching or anything of that sort before.  All I knew was that I didn't want to look back in a year's time and STILL BE DOING THE SAME THING.  Lee made a BOLD promise to me, that at the end of 6 months, my life would be measurably better.  He promised me that I would be making more money, have more spare time, and have more luck with girls.  Ok, he didn't promise that last bit, but I was thinking it at the time.  Lee would give me some inspirational pep talks that would make me work harder.  He gave me some eye-opening and insightful ideas about how to make  He even had some exclusive social networks that I tapped into.  But looking back on it, all of that was INSIGNIFICANT.  


The most IMPORTANT and LASTING thing I got out of working with Lee was the methodology that produces concrete ACTION steps to create what I wanted out of my life.  Lee helped me discover what I must do and he made sure I DID those things...and keep on doing them.


I can't put it any simpler than that.


You are going to ask the inevitable question, what happened after the 6 months? 


At the end of the 6th month I had my first company generating enough cashflow that I decided to quit my job and focus on my business.  Within 12 months I had my second business generating more profit than my first.  During those 12 months, I accumulated over 100,000 frequent flyer points...on holiday travel, I was flying off for weeks at a time.  I moved into a penthouse apartment overlooking Manly beach.  I started my third business 13 months later, my first two businesses at this point were on automatic (and no, it wasn't MLM).  I am not saying this to impress you, I am just describing what happened.  Even after Lee stopped coaching me, I am still applying the lessons I learnt from him.  Because Lee taught me a systematic way of HOW to be successful.


Thanks Lee, you are a phenomenal coach!


P.S. During one of my coaching sessions with Lee, I mentioned that I had met this incredibly gorgeous woman (on one of my overseas holidays). I was whining about the long distance, and how it would never work out.  Well Lee wasn't letting me fool myself with excuses.  Meeting her again, immediately, became a top priority on my action list.  Today, she is my incredibly gorgeous wife. G.S.