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I love to coach people in all areas of life including small business coaching, and Personal Growth Life Coaching covering career, finances, health, emotional, spirituality, mental, social, and family.

My coaching discussions gain insights, build awareness, change disempowering thought patterns, brainstorm ideas, develop strategies, provide insightful and powerful learnings, uncover important distinctions, reprogram limiting beliefs, clarify and explore dreams.
Within a short space of time, my coaching has been proven to help people achieve their dreams (see below)  and it is my ability to deliver results that has kept my coaching career alive for over 14 years.

Coaching can take place in person (if you live in Sydney, Australia), over the phone, or using Skype. I coach people around the world. The sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes and are usually conducted twice a month. I choose to keep my fees are very affordable although my clients are constantly surprised to find that coaching becomes self funding as their income inevitably increasing from coaching - even if we are not working on their finances! (Remember, attracting wealth is all about energy and vibrational frequencies)

A coach with a money back guarantee is very rare. I offer it simply because I know I can get results. Sure, you may still have your doubts - but my certainty is stronger than your doubts and that's why I take all the risk for you and back myself to deliver results. (If you'd like even more certainly, check out my try before you buy offer - you can get a free 1/2 hour of coaching from my freebies page.) 

 It's really a "no brainer" investment because there is no risk, a huge upside, what you learn will stay with your for the rest of your life and, as you can see below, there are many benefits from my coaching in all areas of life: 


“I really feel like you put your heart and soul into helping me with my business, I am extremely grateful!” Cameron Slater

“Hey lee, thank you for your advice. I did a collapse on H, went to the airport picked him up, and we spoke to each other like we have never done before. Something has shifted and we see the love now so thank you for reopening my eyes.” Kellie

Hey Lee

Wow!!! you are amazing!! That really and truly says it all and puts it in such a way that it gives my journey so much purpose and reveals the meaning behind everything that has happened on my path. Wow I love it cant wait to send it out! Thank you for taking the time ...I realise you are very busy but I think even if I tried I couldn’t do that, it just takes another perspective and of course your vast range of experience to put forward the right image of exactly what is going on.
I sewed from the time I got in today ...didn’t feel the best but gave it 100% anyhow, and then i got 2 readings which really confirmed I am in the right place. I’m not giving up as much as at times, i feel poked n prodded and wonder why its all so hard! I kept thoughts clear and focused coz they say don’t quit 5 mins before the miracle and things always get harder before a break through. Well you really just made a difference with that piece of writing and it will give me further strength to push on through!!

Thanx loads, Lauren :)

Lee...thank you! I cannot thank you enough. You have made a positive difference in my life. With your help, the dream is now more than just a dream :) Ria

“Lee, good to hear from you. We are heading over to Singapore, HK, & Jakarta in a couple of weeks for a family holiday. Very excited. Thanks for your focus & investment in me a few years ago I am still bearing fruit from our meetings together. God bless you forever.” Matt

“I am so very grateful for the work you do with me,

Always Love and light” Dr E.Y.

“Thank you for all the tools. I've become the better version of me through them. Life has changed for me since and it's all been great. As we evolve and get more determined with what we want, the right things come along... THANK YOU!” Ria

"I had the pleasure of working with Lee a few years ago when I owned my own business. Within the first coaching session with Lee, my whole business started turning around. He assisted me in various areas of my business helping me with goals and my own personal aspirations as well. His coaching literally changed my life path and I will remain grateful for the work I did with him." Lisa N

“I met Lee when I was going through an emotional and confusing marriage breakup.  I had also returned home from 2 years working overseas to a job that was incredibly demanding, not only for the fact that I was thrown full tilt into a night shift environment but also responsible for training and pulling together several small teams that had been consolidated in Sydney from various locations across the globe.  I had not managed even a single person before let alone a team of 30 on a 24 hour shift rotation basis as well as deal with my marriage break up simultaneously.

When I met Lee, my self worth was at an all time low and I was faking it til I made it, except I wasn’t quite making it on the inside.  I had no idea who I was outside of my 10 year relationship, I had no idea who I wanted to be or where to start to find that, and I had very little confidence and self worth on the inside to even have the courage to start.

That was 3 years ago.  

Today I am running my own business in Health and Wellness coaching that combines the modalities of NLP, Hypnosis, Nutrition, Healing and Personal Training.  Lee helped me to see that my gifts and my passion lay within my love and ability to help people.  When I combined that with my 2nd love of exercise, I had my passion, I have my dream.   I never realised my worth and where I fit into this world prior to meeting Lee.  I did what I thought I should do, what I thought would make me money, what I thought other people expected me to do.  Now I have the courage to truly be me.  Lee was the instrument that allowed me to play my own music and dance to my own true tune.

Thank you Lee.” Rachel Ninham, Castle Hill, Synergy Holistic PT

“Thank you so very much for our session yesterday, it was one of the many blessings I continue to receive on my journey with you as my guide.” Dr E Y

“Our first coaching lesson has already opened my mind to how much I enjoy personal development and I am eager to learn more.” Rachel D.

"Lee has obviously spent many years collating, honing and refining what must be one of the most comprehensive approaches to personal growth and life coaching in existence. Due to the inherent strength of his coaching methods and the various additional tools he employs, Lee's system of coaching can’t fail to take anyone who is looking for personal transformation to a higher level. 

He is a dedicated and caring man who has a genuine and purpose-driven reason to see anyone that he works with, succeed! Lee has helped me clarify my values, purpose, direction, and most importantly, made evident ways of achieving this. I would highly recommend the very professional services of Lee to anyone." Dr A.H.

Thanks Lee for being the light in my life when I was in the dark. My life has found more meaning and purpose since our meeting. Thank you again Lee for your wisdom, guidance and love. S.S.

I was very unimpressed the first time I met Lee.


I was attending a free personal development seminar in August 2004.  It was towards the end of the seminar when an ordinary-looking guy with a goofy smile came up and started talking to me.  Now, I had this mental picture of life coaches as these larger than life TV informercial salesmen who could motivate you to jump off a bridge.  So I was shocked when I found out that this nerdy-looking bloke was one of the coaches running the seminar.  Lee was his name and he asked me to give him the chance to coach me.  Thinking I would regret the decision, I signed up Lee to coach me for 6 months.


At the time I was working at a job that was completely BRAIN DEAD, at least for me.  I had no experience with life coaching or anything of that sort before.  All I knew was that I didn't want to look back in a year's time and STILL BE DOING THE SAME THING.  Lee made a BOLD promise to me, that at the end of 6 months, my life would be measurably better.  He promised me that I would be making more money, have more spare time, and have more luck with girls.  Ok, he didn't promise that last bit, but I was thinking it at the time.  Lee would give me some inspirational pep talks that would make me work harder.  He gave me some eye-opening and insightful ideas about how to make  He even had some exclusive social networks that I tapped into.  But looking back on it, all of that was INSIGNIFICANT.  


The most IMPORTANT and LASTING thing I got out of working with Lee was the methodology that produces concrete ACTION steps to create what I wanted out of my life.  Lee helped me discover what I must do and he made sure I DID those things...and keep on doing them. I can't put it any simpler than that.


You are going to ask the inevitable question, what happened after the 6 months? 


At the end of the 6th month I had my first company generating enough cashflow that I decided to quit my job and focus on my business.  Within 12 months I had my second business generating more profit than my first.  During those 12 months, I accumulated over 100,000 frequent flyer points...on holiday travel, I was flying off for weeks at a time.  I moved into a penthouse apartment overlooking Manly beach.  I started my third business 13 months later, my first two businesses at this point were on automatic (and no, it wasn't MLM).  I am not saying this to impress you, I am just describing what happened.  Even after Lee stopped coaching me, I am still applying the lessons I learnt from him.  Because Lee taught me a systematic way of HOW to be successful.


Thanks Lee, you are a phenomenal coach!


P.S. During one of my coaching sessions with Lee, I mentioned that I had met this incredibly gorgeous woman (on one of my overseas holidays). I was whining about the long distance, and how it would never work out.  Well Lee wasn't letting me fool myself with excuses.  Meeting her again, immediately, became a top priority on my action list.  Today, she is my incredibly gorgeous wife. G.S.

“I also found that as I started to lift and venture in my new chosen path, the right things have been coming my way. It's amazing how God paves the way. I do my best, God will help me with the rest. So true! So mysteriously finding time to do all that is needed to be done, funny how 24 hours can stretch and I don't even feel tired; attracting the right people, getting reconnected with old friends (long-lost); feeling a tad adventurous and being ok with get-togethers... It's all coming together. It also doesn't feel like a hype. It feels like it's always been like this... it's steady, calm... I've no words. 

I read a book a while ago, Tuesdays with Morrie. My Tuesday sessions with you remind me so much of this book. Again, I thank you for your patience, perseverance and wisdom!” R.L.

“I am very appreciative of your coaching. I am reaping the benefits of what I have learned through application.” R.L.

Thank you so very much for this and our session yesterday. I am feeling more grounded and focussed and ready for this next chapter in my development. I'm growing into my new 'skin' and already today, there is movement again, but in a very new direction. I feel like a different person and I like who I am becoming.....

Looking forward to our time next week. Dr E.Y.

Thanks again Lee for a productive session today. I can tell you right now what I like about your coaching – is that you don’t know me from a bar soap and I know you’re not out there to judge. I’m fortunate to have you to guide me through this maze that I’ve been going through… I have the confidence that my purpose will soon be revealed to me... S.S.

Thank you ever so much for today. I left feeling moved, just the way I would like my clients to leave a session with me, so thank you. On dwelling on my purpose as articulated brought tears to my eyes, so I know we are on track.


Am so grateful for your input, knowledge and wisdom. I'm so excited about what is to come forward. Dr E.Y. 

I appreciate this honest, open communication between us - and Lee, this has not only gained my trust but also the confidence that you'll help me succeed. First of all, you've already succeeded in engaging me on the level that will bring out the best in me - and your simple gesture of being true with yourself and me clearly illustrate that you are "real". I knew I made the right choice when I made the commitment... now this is an opportunity that I'm truly grateful for in my life. S.S.

"Lee is one of those people who lives and breathes his work!  

He has studied his subject exhaustively and is at the forefront of the coaching and personal development field.

I have found Lee to be a methodical and result driven coach, having at his fingertips a wealth of tools and processes guaranteed to bring about a breakthrough.

His friendly, professional approach makes working with Lee a fun, inspiring and hugely beneficial experience.  I would defintely hire Lee again and recommend anyone considering Results Coaching to talk to Lee first."Dr Angus Hestletine

Our sessions are seriously amazing for me. The impact to my life is unreal. It is giving me a lot of hope and so much to look forward to. For the longest time, I’ve been walking around thinking this is it. I should be happy. I have a good life. I never realised there’s more to life to really look forward to. It’s easy to distinguish not-so-good from good then get complacent when you’ve struggled to get to the good level. Our sessions are truly helping me take what’s good to great. Thank you. I am excited to see what other treasures we will uncover. I’ve found a new appreciation for my talents, my family and friends, my work, my challenges… actually, my life. R.L.

“I’m so bloody happy. I feel like I’m in control of how I’m feeling rather than it controlling me. I’ve seen the power in the way you think and how it affects people is phenomenal.   I’ve gone from being a rebel without a cause to having a true purpose in life. It’s given me a real sense of direction. It’s so fantastic to be earning more and I was beside myself when I got my first pay check. It’s not about just about the money; it’s the recognition of the work. I’ve really got momentum and I’m so proud of how I’ve handled this – I never thought I could. It’s a funny thing, I’ve got the day off today, but for the first time ever, I wish I was at work. I’ve never felt this good in my life.” Annie.H.

“Just letting you know some great news!  I attended the interview for the Educator position on Tuesday and they let me know Tuesday afternoon I had the position!  I felt great in the interview & everyone on the ward is really happy I've been appointed.”

Our last session helped me enormously and I'm really proud of the way I am handling my upcoming date with the law!” Annie.H.

" You helped me move a mountain today. I can see the genius is at work in you. 

I have notice a change inside myself. Clarity is ruling my speeding mind and where there was no motivation at one time is now a flaming passion of enthusiasm. I have shifted into a higher level and quite surprised at the level of action I am achieving in one day. My desires in life are coming true and it is all because I have a coach who understands the process of helping me shift. If you’re willing to be true to yourself then a session with Lee is what you need.” Leanne P.

I have undertaken coaching with Lee with the intent to propel myself forward and get some positive action happening. 

With this mindset, Lee's challenging nature and ability to ask insight stimulating questions we have created the momentum that has seen me leaping over tall buildings in a single bound (well, that's how it feels... exhilarating - hard work that's paying off!!). 

As my coach, Lee keeps me honest which has been a key factor in enabling me to see the results to date that I have such as quitting smoking within the 2nd coaching session. It's 3 months on since my first coaching session, 2 out of 3 of my initial goals have already been achieved and the 3rd is well on track. It is an empowering experience and a side effect has been that I now feel far more confident in myself and prepared to tackle the "big" dreams. 

With the combination of the Coaching System and the rapport I have developed with Lee the "big" dreams now feel possible, I look forward to each coaching session with anticipation and I am confident of getting there. 

You might think you can achieve great things without any help, I know because that has been me. 

This experience is showing me that with the support of a coach such as Lee, I can achieve way more than I ever thought possible, reach for the stars (my stars)... and you've gotta be happy with that!! Miranda C. 

Hi Lee

Approximately 12 months ago, I visited you and completed a career path session.

When I first came I had a vague idea of what I thought my direction should be.  Once I had completed the session, I was sure of my next steps in the process.

Just to remind you of who I am and the career goals we worked on I have written it below.

“To use my experience in training, presenting and my skills in training, counselling co-ordinating to act as a facilitator in a resort, conference centre or educational venue where the teaching contributes to improving the values and ethics of society”

In under 12 months, I am now working 2-3 days per week at Grand Mercure Apartments (resort style accom) as the Financial Controller, I also teach a  Diploma class “Manage Industrial Relations policies and procedures” for 3 hours per week (TAFE) and a Cert II class in Business Administration at Avondale College.

I have still a distance to go to completely realise my purpose and ultimate career, but I believe I am well on the way.  

Thank you.” Heather S. 

The life coaching sessions provide an encouraging environment to discuss progress in carrying out success actions to achieve your nominated goals. Each session has work sheets to be completed for each goal, together with motivational material.

I found the personal interaction and discussion with Lee very motivating and invigorating. The sessions were good fun and Lee was both understanding and knowledgeable in the areas of my goals.

My life has become much more free and enjoyable as I feel I have been released from unreasonable fears and have made significant progress in achieving my goals.

I would heartily recommend Lee to anyone considering improving any specific areas of their life, because of his openness, integrity and ability to deal with the issues of enjoying one’s life to the fullest. Peter B.


Having a coach by my side has given me support and confidence to tackle the fears that have been inhibiting my growth and my ability to express myself truly and freely.


I am now able to create goals and achieve them and create more. My confidence has been lifted ten fold!!


My coach's belief in me and his seeing my abilities and coercing me to the finish line are the key traits that make me excited about having him by my side.


I think that putting money into your own dreams is only going to benefit you.


You have assisted me in overcoming the obstacles to reach my goal. Rosalind B. 

Thanks for your help.  I've already noticed a big difference in how I perceive things and my intuition is doing whirly gigs with the recognition it's been getting. Tricia P.

Your compassion in what I was telling you astonished me and I can’t express to you how grateful I am that you want to take this journey with me…  

Thanks again so much for the time you have given to me.  No words can express to you just how appreciative I am of this.  There aren’t many people that would give up their time for a stranger and you have selflessly done this for me, it’s inspirational. Mel G.

I have now spent over 18 months of regular coaching with Lee Brogden. As someone who was initially unconvinced that coaching would be worth the time and the money required, I can now honestly reflect on how much value the process has given me, in my business life and in my personal life. I had considered myself to be reasonably successful in all areas of my life, yet Lee has added a new dimension - he has continually challenged the way in which I view my life and my business and I have been grateful on many occasions to him for providing new insights into difficult situations and relationships.

There is no doubt that I now have more confidence and certainty with where I am heading, and this has meant that I am enjoying the journey far more than I would have without Lee's influence. It's very good to know that I have met someone who is 100% committed to seeing me reach the highest levels and who has the coaching skills to make a difference in my life.  Phil P.

I remember being on the Inca trail in my tent on an amazing starry night , bored and waiting for our guide to call us up to the main tent for dinner. I looked over to my boyfriends side of the tent and noticed a "self help"  - be your own life coach book that he had been reading, so I had a flick though it. 

I got out my little beaded travel journal that I had bought a few months back on a crazy trip to India, and started writing my top 10 goals. These were the things that I was aspiring to, on my return from my round the world trip ! A list of 10 things went on to include career goals , personal goals, etc. 

A few months later I landed back in Sydney where Mum picked me up, excited to go home and catch up with my brothers , who had both started coaching with Lee, something that I had said I will also do when I got back. 

The change in them was amazing, there was an energy that I'd never seen before and a real feeling of clarity about them ! I called Lee straight away and went in for a meeting very nervous and excited !   

We set some amazing goals which I have more than achieved. My 3 focuses being CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS AND FINANCES. 

After a few months of coaching I was excelling in all areas. I had become one of the youngest managers in a city Flight Centre store, paid off my overseas holiday debt, and still had the finances to move into a lovely modern apartment with my boyfriend, complete with floorboards and city views from both bedroom and bathroom (which was a "goal on the side" !) 

I use the things I learnt with Lee daily, in meetings for my business, relationships with my staff etc. It has made me focused and motivated and I find I’m always challenging myself to go to a higher level. 

The domino affect has also taken place in each of my goals, each goal reached helps the next goal to be reached etc ! The place I’m in now is perfect, I feel really complete and happy with everything I’m doing, everything I have done, and everything I still want to achieve. 

Now when I look back at that beaded diary, I've done more than reach those top 10 goals , I’ve smashed them and gone much more beyond what I thought I could be, that night in Peru.  

I think coaching is a similar to travel, in which, it will "open up your world"  :)  Kristy M.

Hi Mate,


Well.....what can I say? Yesterday was just fantastic!!! Before I went into the interview I was outside in Martin Place and decided that I wouldn't read my notes, I didn't need to. I just sat down and cleared my head and thought about what I was really doing this for. I knew before I went in that if it did or didn't work out that it was perfect and that it was just a stepping stone to massive things in my future. I surrendered to the whole thing and totally lost any sense of nervousness and worry, that is what made it so successful. Thank you Lee, you’re a champion!  (:-D)    Adam M.

Thank you so much your emails. Each of them are like a driving force and i love reading them. I will never forget your efforts to make me understand the way of finding my dreams.

After spending so much time for different areas and too much struggling with the life, finally i managed to start working as a chemical engineeer in the power division of one company in sydney office. Mainly we are giving service to the companies or banks if they want to build natural gas or coal fired Power Plants. So the clients are usually high profile companies. Especially Cogeneration Power Plants are so popular because of climate change issue. Esin (Newsletter subscriber)

Working with Lee has brought me back to my real inspiration in life. I find myself working harder than ever and having enormous fun doing it. Peter H.


PS If you've read all this, and still not ready to make a decision, then I'd suggest you are not the right client for a coach like me.

PERSONAL GROWTH Business CoachING = dream catchING

Finding a good coach is easy - simply check what their past and present clients have to say. 
​If you like what they've said, then contact the coach and have a chat to them